Albums that never were #1

I thought I'd write a new set of blog posts about albums that were started at our sister studio Starring Studio, but for whatever reason, never got finished.  Here's the first installment.

April 2012 - A local hard rock band came to the studio to record their first full length album.   I'd been sent a dozen or so demo tracks, and they were pretty much all awesome.  Every one had hooks, great lyrics, and top notch musicianship.

I was looking forward to meeting the band, and putting down some backing tracks
On the first day of tracking, and the drummer and guitarist turned up, we loaded all the gear into the studio, and got the drums all mic'd up ready to go, which took about 90 minutes.  

"When is the rest of the band turning up?" I asked.

"Oh, it's just us 2 today", said the guitarist.

"Erm, we need the whole band for tracking", I said, "we get a better feel for the track, the drums are more in the groove, and there's no arguments later because sections are missed out".

"No, no, we're just going to record drums and guitar", replied the drummer, "the rest of the band would just get in the way".

So, we tried recording the first track, and guess what, a couple of minutes in and the guitarist stops.  "We missed out a chorus", he said.   "Did we?", replied the drummer, "I thought we hadn't got to that bit yet!".   

"Let's try again, and I'll try and sing whilst I'm playing", ventured the guitarist.

This turned out to be even worse, as he didn't know the lyrics properly, and couldn't sing and play at the same time.

I tried my best to get something down, but after about 45 minutes, we hadn't even managed to get halfway through the first track without stopping.  The guys and I agreed we would call the session and they would bring the rest of the band next time.

I never heard from them again.